Are TV Commercials still relevant in 2020?

TV advertising shouldn’t just be about getting exposure, because with the wrong message it can actually hurt your business. A commercial that tells the right story at the right time can create an effective message that will become the calling card of your business. That’s why it’s important to work with the production professionals. Whether you need to distribute your advert locally or Australia wide, we can provide TV commercial production that will get your message in front of the right people. Working with small to large businesses, Anomaly can help you get your business out into the world.

Grabbing an audience’s attention between programs with a TV commercial can be difficult these days. You’ve got to compete with smart phones, Facebook, Netflix and a range of other distractions. There’s a lot of stuff out there, and it can be hard to know what that ‘special something’ is that’s going to make your ad work. Producing a TV commercial is no different to producing any other creative video, and when handled the right way can really work to sell your brand. With a strong background in film, television and storytelling we know how to create adverts that grab people’s attention. Anomaly can conceive the most innovative, memorable messages that will stand out from the pack and create one of those ads that people can’t stop talking about.

TV commercials are used in many different ways to impart a message onto its viewers. Depending on your budget and the type of message you want to get across will depend on what types of TVC’s we create. There are many different styles of TVC’s as you can notice when you watch even 30min of TV. There are commercials that are just photos and graphics with a voice over; You have the ones where there is a spokes person/actor talking to the camera; There are full animation commercials; And there are those typically used by car companies that could be taken out of an action film. Basically, are you selling a product, a service or a lifestyle? The sky is the limit and if you allow us, Anomaly will get as creative as we can and produce the perfect TV Commercial for you and your business.

Our expert knowledge and experience in creative video production and crucial technical details will ensure that television commercials don’t just end up costing you money, but making you money. Whether you come in with an entire marketing plan, or the germ of an idea, the Anomaly creative team will collaborate with you to produce a professional, original, and high-quality commercial. There’s no doubt that television ads are effective, but you want to make sure you get the most value for your advertising dollar with a really great ad!

What is colour grading?

Colour Grading is an important stage in the final steps of Post Production that is quite often overlooked and undervalued. 

Colour Grading happens after what we call “picture lock”. 

Picture Lock means that you have approved of the footage and ‘cut’ or flow of the video. You are happy with the vision you see and the story that is told. Please see the Post Production Process blog for more information about Picture Lock.

From this stage we then move down the pipeline of Post Production to Colour Grading. 

Colour Grading is where we focus on the look, colour, and brightness of the footage. It is basically like the makeup artist who comes in and makes your skin look better, your eyes look brighter and your features stand out. The makeup artist does not add or remove any features that are there, they just enhance and smooth the ones you have. Colour Grading is enhancing the image that is already there. 

At Anomaly we shoot in Raw. This is a file type. The footage captured in raw looks very milky and grey. It looks very washed out and “flat”. For example the interviewee looks like they are pressed against the background and everything is a similar shade. It’s not very bright or pretty. Nothing is very black, and nothing is very white. We do this so that when we bring the footage into Da Vinci (our colour grading program) we have much more ‘room to move’. We can make the blacks really black, or we can make them not as black. Same goes for the whites, like someone’s shirt or a window. We are able to make it look how we want it to look and not just let the camera do what it thinks we want. This gives us much more control. It also makes your video’s look much more polished and professional. It makes them stand out from others that might not be done by this process.

For a video example of the effects of colour grading please watch the video below. 

Is a corporate video right for my business?

Your corporate video should reflect the true quality and message of your company. Film and video is now the biggest way to communicate with an audience, whether with your customers or employees. Anomaly can provide all of your corporate and commercial video needs under one roof. From training and educational videos, to online videos, event coverage, television adverts and more. We can work to a brief or provide you with ideas to make your business stand out.

What is a corporate video?

It can be any video for a corporate company. However, more often than not, a corporate is defined by Interviews & Cutaways. This could be a traditional video with an interview with the CEO and a couple of staff members and some shots of the office space and people working and talking with clients. Or it could be interviews with clients about working with your business intercut with cutaways. There are 2 different uses for corporate videos: Internal and external.

  • Internal Corporates or Internal Comms is communications with your staff. Maybe the CEO gives a presentation or a quarterly update video that gets sent to all staff.
  • External Corporates or External Comms is communication with external parties. A video that is targeted at new clients, current clients, recruiting of new employees or other businesses. This could be interviews with the CEO or a staff member talking about what the business is and how it is beneficial to its target market. If you use real staff in the video they become the face of the company and potential clients feel more of a personal connection. They know and understand who they will be dealing with and how the company is managed. This puts people at ease when trying to choose between businesses to go with. There are many uses for corporate videos and many different ways to create them.

Not sure how to make a corporate video that achieves what you want for your company in a fresh way?

By creating narrative based videos you can communicate your message more effectively. Our corporate video production services and standards will make your company stand out from your industry, build trust and credibility and allow you to connect with your audience on a more emotional level, both here in Adelaide and Australia-wide. Our team has experience across multiple formats, not just corporate video, which allows us to bring a new perspective to each video.

Whether you need marketing videos for your company or product, speaker/event coverage and hype, legislative and training videos or any other form of reliable corporate video communication, Anomaly has all the tools to produce the best product, delivered on time and on budget. With easy access to the latest in camera and post-production technology, we can realise any conceivable idea, and get there together. Your corporate video should work for you, so we ensure that you are part of the process the entire time, and are happy with the final product before delivery.


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