Video Ga Ga: 9 Undeniable Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Video Ga Ga: 9 Undeniable Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business


If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing. Regardless of your niche, the need for a solid marketing game is more important now than ever.


Marketing can be a complicated avenue of business to master. If you are a small business, then it could be the case that you are taking on most of the marketing responsibilities yourself.


Did you know that 90% of consumers say that video ads are a primary driver behind purchasing decisions? This is just the start of the benefits of video marketing. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Videos Are More Likely to Be Shared

Not only does video thrive as a marketing tool, it practically dominates the internet. As of 2019 around 80% of all consumable online content comes from video.


What does that mean?


It means that if you are not investing in online video marketing, you are removing 80% of the internet from your reach.

2. People Watch Videos

It is a simple fact that people are more engaged with videos than they are any other form of advertising.

Why is video promotion so successful?


People want to feel connected to the products and services they buy. They want to know they can trust the companies they work with. Video as a marketing tool helps to do this by evoking emotions and connections between people that print or other advertising streams just cannot achieve.

3. Increased Conversions

If people are more engaged in video marketing, then it stands to reason that they are more likely to follow through with any purchases.


This is not only because of the better-established levels of trust and clarity over the product but also because a video is interactive. People are watching it behind a screen, and with the majority likely to be either a tablet, smartphone or laptop, any links or ‘Buy Now’ buttons are just a click away.

4. A Video Is Google’s Friend

Google likes video. If you search for something on Google, the majority of the results will be for videos.




Videos are more searchable than text content. Couple this with the fact that SEO can also be used effectively with online video marketing, it makes sense that Google has such a strong preference.


Investing in video marketing not only means you are getting more consumer interaction but more from Google too. The more Google likes you get, the better you will place on its algorithms and the better chance of success your business has.

5. Video Marketing Let’s You Build a Mobile Audience

We live in a mobile world. Just look around you. People are always looking at their phones. One of the major benefits of video marketing is that it allows you to connect with people on the go.


People are more likely to watch a video ad on their mobiles or tablets than they are to read a long marketing piece filled with graphs and images. This opens up the chance to connect with and grow your product base that cannot be ignored.


6. You Could Go Viral

Videos go viral. Viral means even more people get to see your video. The more people see it, the more conversions you will have and the more money your business will make.


It’s a simple formula but one that shows off the hidden power of video marketing.


Is there a formula for making a viral video? No. There is also no guarantee, but by not investing in online video marketing, your chances are always going to be zero.


Besides, viral is not the goal; it is merely a powerful benefit that could happen.

7. Video Allows Better Explanation

Videos allow a better level of interaction with consumers. Not only can you talk about your products but you can show them, you can demonstrate and fully deconstruct them.


This allows customers to get a much better understanding of your product and answer any questions that may have been left in their minds had there merely seen a product ad at a bus stop or on a social media post.

8. Marketing to the Lazy

Let’s face it. A lot of people are lazy, especially when it comes to reacting to marketing. We see an advert and think, oh, that looks cool, but then something else comes along to distract us.


By harnessing the power of digital marketing and online videos, you can ensure the people that see your add can take instant action, whether it is a link to a storefront or more information.


You are giving people the ability to take immediate action, and that gives you an increased chance of taking a view and making it a sale.

9. Real-Time Feedback

Videos allow for real-time feedback.


Sure, people always say you should never read the comments, but as a video marketer, you need to read them. The best information you can get can come in the form of direct client feedback.


People see a video advertisement and leave a comment giving their opinion on the product, the video or any manner of items. Alone, a single comment might not say much, but the more you get and the more you read, the more patterns can be found. These are patterns that can help you adjust future videos accordingly to achieve a greater level of success with your next online video marketing campaign.

Are You Ready to Get the Benefits of Video Marketing?

There is no end fo the benefits of video marketing, and if you are are not already actively involved in this side of marketing, now is the time to act.


Are you ready to take the next step and open your business up to near unfathomable levels of growth and success?

Get in touch with us today, and we can help you create a video marketing strategy that can take your business to new heights. Regardless of company size or niche, there is a benefit to video advertisement that is just waiting to be uncovered.


Jackson Roberts

Marketing Director

Jackson is an experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Copywriting, Customer Service, Advertising, and Sales. Strong business development professional graduated from the University of Adelaide with a double degree in Law and Commerce.

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