Why Video is a Great Tool To Convey a Story

Over the last 100 years, one of the most unifying experiences has been going to the cinema, sitting for 1 or 2 hours (sometimes 3) and experiencing a story being told to us through moving images. It has been something that has brought people together since moving pictures became normal and has become a space where anyone can experience the same emotions with hundreds of people.

But what part about this experience makes us want to re-experience it whenever a new film comes out?

Some people may say the director is their favourite, others may say that the visual effects looked too good, and others will say they just like the experience of going to the cinema.

But it all comes back to one thing – the story and the why behind it.

Why are we being told this story?

Why do these events take place?

Why do we care about the story?

We care about how the story is being told, and the connection we make to it. Video is a visual medium in which multiple people can experience a story at the same time, in any location, and there can be so many different ways to tell a single story.

Studies Showing Why Video Works

Typically, video is a more effective form of storytelling than any other media. According to a LinkedIn study, video engages audiences 3x more than traditional forms of media. People are able to make an emotional connection with the company and the key people associated with the company. On top of all of that, it creates greater retention and a more positive brand perception.

Why Anomaly

At Anomaly, we take storytelling seriously. Our Creative Director – Daniel J. Phillips, has not only directed dozens of TVCs throughout his career, but has also written, produced, and directed feature films with his directorial debut Awoken coming out in 2019 across international audiences.

Not only do we understand the importance of storytelling in a film aspect, but in all aspects of companies. This has been the foundation on which Anomaly was born in 2014 as a high-end video production company.

We take a ‘film’ approach when it comes to making corporate videos for our clients, with only the best of the best in terms of pre-production, crewing and shooting, and post-production. Everyone we bring on board is an expert in their field and has worked on films themselves.

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