The Brief

On the back of the success of the first A&D Apollo video (see below) we were asked to create a launch video for A&D Japan’s newest product – The ProteX X-ray. The inspection system is used in food manufacturing facilities to help find contamination and irregularities in products.

The Solution

People finding obscure things in their food, is in the news regularly. We wanted to play on this idea of what if it actually happened. We meet Steve, an average and dorky guy, receiving a huge payout after he accidentally swallowed a small screw. The huge payout causes the food processing factory to close down, and highlights they should have invested in an x-ray inspection system.

The Brief

A&D was looking for a new online video to attract sales for their newly developed product, Apollo weighing scales. They wanted to highlight the fact that these scales were durable unlike most on the market. The scales which were predominately used in laboratories could now be used in the factory too.

The Solution

The idea came from the insight that most equipment suited to laboratories, such as test tubes, measuring devices would not fare well in a factory. So we brought the factory into the laboratory by bringing a forklift into the setting. After smashing everything to pieces, we realise that the Apollo scales are still working, showing they are durable in both. We tied it together with the tag line: “Factory Strong. Laboratory Precise”.


Behind the scenes

It was unlikely that we would be able to find a laboratory that would allow us to bring a forklift into it, let alone destroy it!  So our talented art department built this entire laboratory set within a couple of days.

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