Project Overview


Food Truck Movement (FTM) were stuck with an

outdated website they’d had for many years. They

needed a fresh site that was mobile friendly, and

that had the flexibility to be constantly updated.


We worked with FTM to find out which parts

of their business were most important to them,

so that they could be featured on the new site.

With a festival being organised by FTM quickly

approaching, a dedicated page was created which

was prominently featured on the ‘Home’ page, as

well as a front and centre position on the ‘Events’

page to drive as much traffic as possible.


FTM were able to showcase their upcoming

festival and be confident linking to the website

in promotional material for it, knowing that

customers would find using the new site a breeze.

They will also be able to update the site moving

ahead thanks to the included training with all

Anomaly websites.


See the live website here




Poster Design

Food Truck Movement asked us to design the poster for their upcoming event – Best of Adelaide Brewers Festival. The concept behind the poster is based on pouring. Pouring is part and parcel of the beer drinking process as the craft beer industry has always declared. A well poured beverage helps makes a beer look, taste and smell exactly way the brewers intended.


The poster was placed in cafes, hostels, bars and restaurants all around the city centre to help attract local beer lovers.

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