The 5 top reasons to incorporate SEO

A question we get asked a lot is why do SEO when there are many options to quickly appear on the first page of Google?

  1. The first reason is that organic search is still the most often primary source of website traffic. People still have reservations about ads and sometimes prefer to click on a link that doesn’t have the “AD” attached to it.
  2. The second reason is that SEO applies to every search engine rather than just one search engine. When you use paid ads, you only advertise on that specific search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. When you start doing ads on every single search engine, not only do your management fees rack up, but you also have to maintain consistency across all the places your ad appears. When you incorporate SEO, it automatically applies to every single search engine.
  3. When you incorporate both SEO and SEM, it ensures that your website takes up more than just one spot on the first page of the search engine. A client is more likely to be ‘flooded’ with your website on the first page, and this increases the chance of them clicking on your website rather than a competitors. The more times you appear on the first page, the more likely you get a new customer onboard!
  4. SEO is definitely cheaper than SEM. Sure, it does cost money but in comparison to your Google Ads, you won’t need to allocate a budget to the ad spend of the campaign AND the management fee. With SEO, all you pay is the management fee and the rest is taken care of.
  5. It’s a long term strategy that will create the foundations of all your future marketing. SEO might not work as quick as your paid ads, but in the long run, you are more likely to keep your SEO than your paid ads. Once the foundations of your SEO have been created, you can slowly phase out your SEM and just rely on your SEO and still get consistent leads. However, if you just rely on paid ads, the moment you turn off your ads, your leads stop as well.

In conclusion, while paid ads might be the newest trend in marketing, don’t forget about your SEO as it will always be beneficial to your business. In fact, we always recommend that you do both SEO and paid ads (SEM) in order to maximise your marketing efforts, and get the most return on your investment.

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