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Our history

Anomaly began in 2014 as a high-end video production company, servicing clients in Australia and from all over the world. When we only made videos, we used to work with a lot of ad agencies and we saw how they dealt with their clients and suppliers. It was a bit too old-school for us. Ultimately, we thought we could do better. So we transitioned into a full-service agency and have become an essential resource for clients who want to build meaningful relationships with their agencies, and foster an honest, respectful collaboration where we help each other grow.

Effective, not just clever

Anyone can come up with a TV or press campaign that has that perfect pun that your friends think is unbelievably clever. But so what? There’s a difference between clever, and effective. One of the things that we’re always on about – is your audience. They’re the ones who are going to take the action you want, whether it’s buying your product or engaging with your service. All our ideas need to be for them. Clever and creative is a given, effectiveness is the hard part, and it’s solving these problems that we live for.

Not one size fits all

As much as we’d love to “productise” our offerings, the vast majority of our work is always made to order. Your brand or company is not the same as anyone else’s, so why should your solutions be out of the box? We put a lot of time and effort into understanding you, what you’re trying to achieve, and asking challenging questions to uncover what you’re really looking for, so that we can provide a solution that scratches your very specific itch. When you work with us, you get a considered, tailor-made solution that only fits you.

The best way to do something

Change is hard. If you work with us, we might challenge some of the ideas that you may consider to be cornerstones of your business. We might recommend ideas and approaches that you think your clients might never go for – but the thing is, maybe they will. Maybe you have a huge potential client base that you don’t even know about yet. All we ask is that you keep an open mind to what we propose, and always focus on the best way to do something, rather than doing something because it’s the way it’s always been done.

Very cool staff

The title says it all. Our staff are simply that – very cool. They’ve all got amazingly diverse backgrounds, tastes and points of view. Not only that, but they all have way too many skills. Quite the roster of overachievers. They’re also painfully modest as you can see. Why should you care? Because this means that whatever work we do for you, we’re coming at it from a thousand different angles, pressure testing each others ideas and making sure that what you end up with is the best version it can be.

Our Team

Daniel J. Phillips is the founder of Anomaly and has worked as a commercial writer/director in the Film and TV industry for the last 15 years, on budgets as much as $2.7m. Apart from his knowledge behind the screen, his extensive knowledge of sales and marketing assists businesses grow by advising them on their overall strategies.

Daniel J. Phillips

Creative Director

Kurt is a commercial and filmmaking all rounder, now specialising in producing. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He’s worked in front of the camera, behind the camera and to the side of the camera but loves to bring any idea to life.

Kurt Roberts

Content Producer

Joefrenette is experienced in software and web development with an excellent understanding of concepts of programming practices on both back and front-end. With 10 years experience in the IT industry, she excels in both technical and project management.

Joefrenette Clarin

Web Developer

Francisco Labra is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, having both experience working in-studio and as a freelancer. He has a broad range of design skills from publishing, illustration, digital design and branding. He has helped create designs, brand identities and promotional materials for both small and large businesses in different industries.

Francisco Labra

Graphic Designer

Ethan Nicosia is a digital marketing specialist with over 7 years experience within the digital landscape. He specialises in Google advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords and Social Media marketing. He will tailor your marketing campaign for the best possible result.

Ethan Nicosia

Digital Specialist

Chris is a marketing all-rounder, specialising in digital enablement and change management. He has worked on several high-profile global campaigns, and also works heavily in the NFP and SME sector.

Chris Luong

Digital Specialist

Jonathan Wade understands how words communicate one person’s vision into another person’s reality, and is Anomaly’s in-house professional writer. With a background in creative writing, psychology and marketing, he produces compelling content for our clients – from TV scripts and business branding to technical eBooks and web copy.

Jonathon Wade


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