Axolotl in collaboration with Evostyle are excited to announce the launch of Anomaly – a brand representing innovative Australian design, and showcasing a range of furniture products, homewares and lighting from some of the best contemporary Australian designers.  Anomaly really is what its name suggests - a deviation from the norm, as it fills a niche market with its cutting edge manufacturing techniques never before seen in Australia or internationally.
Axolotl’s skills and forward thinking in concrete, metal and glass, together with Evostyle’s knowledge and expertise in fine furniture and product manufacturing, opens up exciting new opportunities for designers to explore innovative manufacturing techniques and a broad palette of new materials and finishes.  To launch the Anomaly brand, we have hand selected a range of designers from a wide spectrum of design fields – interior, industrial and architectural, to design a range of furniture, homewares and lighting that has utilised the unique abilities and point of difference that both Evostyle and Axolotl bring to the table.
All ranges under the Anomaly brand harnesses the skills of Australian designers who are at the forefront of both local and international design, and is produced by both Evostyle and Axolotl  – both of which are Australian owned and operated.
Anomaly is eager to challenge the status quo by offering customisable combinations of metal, concrete, glass and timber surfaces, and pushes the boundaries of Australian manufacturing by combining traditional materials and high quality craftsmanship with exciting new finishes never seen on products before.


Kris Torma

Kris has been involved in the visual and creative arts for the past 30 years.  He has studied cinematography and worked as an art director in the Australian film and television industry. As the co-founder and managing director of Axolotl he has continued to dream and create, winning multiple awards for innovation and creativity along the way. 


Kim Torma

Kim has been the creative director of Axolotl for close to two decades. Over that time Kim has honed his passion for organic creative expression and meticulous attention to detail to a level of engineering ingenuity that approaches alchemy. His skills are multi faceted from design to execution.


Luke + Louise Ommundson

The Evostyle team is headed by the unique combination of Luke and Louise Ommundson, who bring together their expertise of architectural design and third generation timber craftsmanship. Luke is a third generation craftsman with expert knowledge in timber, cabinetmaking and woodturning. 


Commitment to the environment

At Anomaly we are committed to preserving the environment for future generations and use recycled materials and sustainable products wherever possible. Naturally, the best form of recycling has always been the simple act of passing something on. Beautiful quality ensures longevity. Anomaly products are executed to the highest standard and designed to become heirlooms for future generations.

Timber | As we are dealing with natural resources on a daily basis, we always ensure that all the timber we work with is harvested in a sustainable, ethical and renewable manor. Plantation hardwoods and FSC timbers are environmentally friendly and provide us a beautiful renewable resource from which to craft designer furniture without destroying (rain) forests.

Manufactured board, veneers and laminates also make up a large part of the materials we work with. We only use materials that conform to strict Australian standards and where available use Australian made products in our custom designed furniture.

Sustainable Coatings | At Anomaly we are up to date with the latest environmentally friendly coating products such as paints and lacquers and use a range of water based lacquers and low toxicity paints on our table tops, bar tables, designer tables and the rest of our custom made furniture.

Metal | Our metals are applied as a veneer and use significantly less metal and less power than the traditional cast or sheet metal process. It is far cleaner with much reduced pollution created through production. Only 100% recycled metals are used.

Concrete | The quantity of raw materials required for 1 square metre of our concrete coating is just 1.5% of raw materials required for the same surface area of solid concrete. This translates to a fraction of the carbon emissions of the production of solid concrete.

Glass | Our glass products completes our commitment to the environment by being 100% recyclable.




Sydney Design Awards | Winner Product Design - Homewares Kintsugi Vessels


IDEA | Shortlist Zig range of furniture


IDEA | Shortlist Emerging Designer - Anomaly

Designex | Best New Product Manufactured in Australia


Designex | Best New Product Sustainable Award


Good Design Award | Design Selection for Kintsugi Vessesls by Matthew Sheargold


Temple and Webster  |  Emerging Designer nominated Ben Wahrlich


Temple and Webster  | Peoples Choice Award - Coco Reynolds