Social Media Advertising

What is social media advertising?

It’s pretty clear – social media is here to stay. The most used network is Facebook, and with over 11 million active users in Australia alone, everyone and their dog (yes, there are literally accounts for dogs) is a potential customer for your business. The trick lies in finding exactly who the best people to target are and then creating amazing ads to catch their attention and drive them towards your business.

Get your business out there

While AdWords is great for people looking for your business or what you are offering, what do you do about the people who haven’t heard of you yet? This is where social media advertising is at it’s strongest, as you can create ads and target people that have indicated they would be interested in what you have to offer through their demographic information they’ve supplied to Facebook, and how they have interacted with the site.

Anomaly Facebook Advertising Adelaide
Anomaly Facebook Ads Adelaide

Show off your best stuff

People don’t just want to see ads in front of them all the time on social media. They want content that is interesting, entertaining, and with which they can engage. This means that putting the work in to create a captivating ad is half the battle, and with a variety of ad types at our disposal such as image, video, and carousel we’ll find the best part of your business and show it off to your future customers.

Social Media Strategy Adelaide


We get to know you, your business, and your goals to create a custom strategy designed to achieve exactly what you want.

Anomaly Social Media Creative Agency Adelaide


We design effective, eye-catching ads that will grab your customers' attention and drive them to take the desired actions.


We use advanced targeting techniques to find the customers that are most likely to take action, and then get your ads in front of them.

Social Media Optimisation and Strategy Adelaide


Marketing isn't just set and forget. We constantly optimise your campaigns, expanding on what is working and cutting out anything that isn't.


We constantly communicate with you to stay up to date with your business, allowing us to quickly add or change campaigns as needed.

Our real points of difference

Real Results

We’re interested in focusing on results – on hard data. Starting a new marketing campaign isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning. We measure as much as we possibly can so you can always see the return on your investment.


You’ll have a dedicated client manager for your account, who keeps you up to date with everything that’s happening in your campaign. This includes both the successes and the challenges so that we can keep refining and get you the best results.


We’re in Adelaide. That means you meet with us face-to-face, and when you need to speak to someone they’ll answer. Local knowledge means we understand how business works here, your customer base, and your industry.

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