How much does a video cost?

Video content for your business is very important. It is a fantastic piece of marketing or information for you to send to potential customers, clients, suppliers, or as branding. All of these elements are incredibly vital to the success of your business. 

But, how much does a video cost? 

As a Video Producer, I get asked this question at least once a day. The problem is, there is no straight answer. There are so many different types of video (animation, interviews & cutaways, narrative, informational, graphics, and the list goes on) and each of these videos can be made in different ways which influences the cost. 

Video production cost Adelaide


The easiest way to think about the price of a video is think about the cost of a house:

  • What suburb is the house in? 
  • How many bedrooms? 
  • How many bathrooms? 
  • Does it have a swimming pool? 
  • Was it project built or custom made? 
  • Does it have budget or specialised fittings?

All these elements drastically effect the cost of the property and each element can be tailored to suit the buyers needs and requirements. So can your video. 

Here at Anomaly we always ask a series of questions about you and your business, what you need, and understand your specific market. We always want to recommend what is best for you and what will be the most value for money and get you the results you need. There is nothing worse than paying for a video that does not fulfil the brief! 

Before we are able to quote you for your video we will need to understand a bit more about you and your business. Below are a few questions to think about: 

  • Tell me a little bit about your business/you.
  • What are you trying to achieve with the video?
  • Who is the video for/who is the target audience?
  • Where will this video live? i.e. website, social media, youtube etc.
  • Do you have any ideas on what type of video you’d like to make?
  • Are there any reference videos you’d like us to look at?
  • Which of our videos did you like from our website?
  • How many locations do you envision for this (if applicable)?
  • And what was the budget you were thinking of allocating to the video?
  • Do you want to feature talent or will it just be staff in the video?
  • What is your timeline for the video – shoot and delivery?
  • Are you thinking you might want professional voice over, or would you just like the speakers being interviewed to be carrying the story under our other images?
  • You mentioned you might be featuring *insert relevant business information* etc. – will you be supplying these or is the hire of these something we should include in our quote?
  • Are there any other conditions or things we should know at this stage?

Once we have these answers, Anomaly’s Creative Director and Producer come together to discuss the best way to produce your video(s). There are many different styles of video that could achieve the result you are after, and we do the work to recommend the best one for you within your budget. 

The big question – “what is your budget?”

When a Producer asks for your budget, they’re not trying to wring every last dollar out of you. They’re actually trying to work out the best way to achieve your goals on the budget you’ve provided.

It is possible to spend $1,000 or $50,000 on exactly the same brief – it all depends on the talent assigned to it, the equipment used, the level of post-production etc.

The quality of your video will reflect the viewers perception of the quality of your business. 

If you have a crappy low quality “home made” style video, the viewer will unconsciously assume that your company is also low quality and not as trust worthy. However, if you have a high quality, professional video, the viewer will assume that your company and products & service are high quality and value for money. 

A good way to think about spending a larger sum of money is to think about your products and services;

  • How many sales do you have to make to cover the cost of the video to make it successful?
  • How long will this take to cover?
  • And finally, how many sales will this video get you if successful?

Justifying what you think a video SHOULD cost needs to be thought about in terms of all the above and not just the lump sum leaving your bank account.

Video can be used in so many different ways to achieve successful results for your business and there is no such thing as one video fits all.

So if you are interested in video and would like to know how much a video would cost FOR YOU, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Anomaly and we will tailor a quote and video to suit your needs to achieve results.

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