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The Latest Social Media Updates and Trends You Need to Know About

Understanding the power and tactics of social media is key for any business. However,  social media is a constantly evolving landscape – so staying updated on the trends and changes can be both overwhelming and challenging. Just as you think you’ve got a grip on the new updates, algorithms and features, more come out!

That’s why, we’ve created a short list of need-to-knows for social media updates in August 2023.

This article addresses updates on:

  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram & Threads) 
  • TikTok
  • X (Twitter) 
  • LinkedIn
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New Shopping Rules for E-Commerce Businesses 

Meta has announced that from 10 August, 2023 all Facebook and Instagram Shops MUST use the checkout on Facebook and Instagram.

This means that your customers will no longer be able to click through from your Instagram or Facebook Shop, or on a product tag in a post, and checkout on your website. 

Instead, they will need to add their payment details to Instagram or Facebook and pay within the app.

This new checkout feature is currently only available in the US. However, it has been reported that Meta is working on rolling out this feature very soon in Australia and many other countries.

The workaround?

Businesses will be able to tag their products in the form of Meta Ads, to drive traffic to their website / external links. 

Blink and you’ll miss it! 

In recent days, Instagram has rolled out a new ‘like’ graphic. This adorable new feature is super subtle and seems to have no impact on the functionality of the platform. But we’re loving the design and animation upgrade. 


  • Instagram is allegedly testing the ability to allow others to add photos or videos to your posts (with the approval of the original poster)
  • Instagram is also reportedly working on the ability to label content generated by AI


A hot topic around the social media web as of late has been the drastic drop in daily users on new platform, Threads. From a peak of 49 million on 7 July, Threads daily users has dropped to only 12 million on 22 July, according to Similarweb.

The response?

Meta announced new features coming to the app such as:

  • Custom alt-text
  • New mention button to mention connections in your threads
  • DM “threads” on Instagram 
  • Follow button to easily follow your followers back
  • ‘Your activity’ feature – review posts you have liked 
  • A quick way to approve new followers if your account is private

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Welcome: Text Posts 

TikTok has unveiled a creative tool to encourage “innovation and self-expression”.

This new functionality boasts some familiar features including sound adds, location tags, duets, stickers, tags, hashtags, background colours and the ability to draft and discard posts. 

Text posts allow creators to share stories, poems, recipes, and other written content on TikTok. So far, users appear to be receptive to this new feature likening it to Instagram stories.

How to create a text post on TikTok:

  • When you access the ‘camera page’ you will be faced with three options: photo, video or text.
  • Select ‘text’ and you will be taken to the creation page. 


TikTok’s Response to AI generated content: 

TikTok has added new rules for AI-generated content. Creators now have to disclose and label any “AI-generated content that shows realistic scenes”.

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X (Twitter) 

Twitter, the original text-based social network has a brand-new name. 

On July 22nd, Twitter officially rebranded as X.

While the name change has not impacted the app’s core functionality, marketers all over the world are eagerly awaiting new updates in what seems to be X’s response to new Meta app, Threads.

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The LinkedIn algorithm has changed! 

The two big changes: 

  1. If you post on LinkedIn, it is more likely that your followers will see your post.
  2. Posts that share “knowledge and advice” are now prioritised throughout the platform.

What is considered “knowledge and advice”? 

  1. The post speaks to a distinct audience.
  2. The author is writing in their core subject area.
  3. The post has “meaningful comments.”
  4. The post has a perspective.

LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief shares more insights.

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That’s a wrap! 


Meta introduces new shopping rules for e-commerce, Threads updates with features like custom alt-text, TikTok adds text posts for creative expression, Twitter rebrands as X, and LinkedIn’s algorithm now prioritises posts offering “knowledge and advice.”

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